Our Pastor & Elders

Pastor: Ben Franks

Rev. Ben Franks was ordained and installed as the pastor of KCPC in January of 2022.  He and his wife Cherie were married in 2015 and they have three daughters (Maggie, Emma, and Heidi) and a son (Walter).  After serving at KCPC for a summer internship in 2018 and for a yearlong internship in 2021, the Franks are thrilled to be able to serve the body at KCPC in the long-term.  They live in Berryville, VA where they enjoy the rural beauty and rich history of the northern Shenandoah Valley.

Pastor Franks grew up in a ministry family and has spent the majority of his life in the South and the Midwest.  In 2009, he studied at Patrick Henry College and completed his B.A. in Classical Christian Education through Whitefield College in 2017. He earned his M.Div from Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary in 2020.  He has done mission work in Sheffield, England with the EPCEW and served in internships with churches in the PCA and OPC.  His writings have been published in the Puritan Reformed Journal, the Confessional Presbyterian Journal, and the Banner of Truth Magazine.  He occasionally blogs at Ref21 and at Cogitatio.


Elder Rick Weitz, Elder Bob Trombadore, Pastor Ben Franks, Elder Mitch Turner, Elder Steve Davis