Enjoy these edifying Th.M. thesis papers by our founding pastor, Rev. Charles R. Biggs.

The Bible and Ancient Near Eastern Literature

We should expect there to be similarities between the Bible and other ancient Near Eastern literature, and we should in no way be intimidated by this. We should expect to find mankind who is made in God’s image, seeking to tell the story of creation, the flood, or other great events in history. God’s revelation is given to man in real history, in time and space.

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Pentecostal Outpourings: Revival in the Reformed Tradition

A review essay of revival in the Reformed tradition.

Click here to read: PRTS.2017.CH865.Revival in Reformed Tradition.Critical for Dr. Haykin

Conditionality and the Covenant of Grace

The glory of the Covenant of Grace is that it is conditional, but all of the conditions have been met for the believer in Christ.

Click here to read: PRTS.Reformed Covenant Theology.S.Myers.Spring 2017.Conditionality and Covenant.research to Dr.S.G.Myers

R. L. Dabney: Theologian of Revival and Lost Cause Revivalist

A look at a faithful Southern Presbyterian’s unfortunate journey from true revival to the religion of the Lost Cause.

Click here to read: R L Dabney and Revival.PRTS.CH865.May.2017.Revival in Reformed Tradition.Research to Dr. Haykin

John Owen, the Holy Spirit, and True Christian Experience

Learn from our forefather John Owen on the importance of the Holy Spirit and Holy Scripture in our Christian experience. Experience is the food of all grace by the grace and power of Christ’s Spirit.

Click here to read: ThM.PRTS.Theology of John Owen.Experience the Food of All Grace.John edit for Derek Thomas (2)

Entertaining the “Blessed Lodger”: A Theology of the Holy Spirit in the Gospel Ministry of Richard Sibbes

The “Sweetdropper,” the “Heavenly Dr. Sibbes,” is a gold mine of tender, pastoral advice on how to make Christ known in life and preaching.

Click here to read: ThM.PRTS.Fall.2015.Sibbes.Independent Study.Entertaining the Blessed Lodger.A Pastoral Theology of Richard edit (1)

Common Grace: John Calvin, Abraham Kuyper, and Cornelius Van Til

“What a wonderful world!” God is great and good, and so very kind to us. How might we better understand the biblical teaching of common grace with the help of forefathers John Calvin, Abraham Kuyper, and Cornelius Van Til?

Click here to read: PRTS.2016.Soteriology.Common Grace and the Gospel.finaldraft.April.2016

“Most Loving”: The Love of God in the Westminster Confession of Faith and Larger Catechism

How deep is the love of God in Christ (Eph. 3:17-19)! How faithfully the Westminster Divines structured their confession on the revealed love of God in Christ!

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Watchfulness in the Christian Life: A Study of Wilhelmus  Brakel’s Contribution to Reformed Spirituality

Christians must understand how important it is to “watch and pray” as they journey to the Heavenly Kingdom.

Click here to read: ThM.PRTS.2014.2015.Watchfulness in the Christian Life.Study of a draft to print

Fear of the Lord in Union with Christ: Spiritual Fruit and Root

How might Christians grow spiritually through their understanding of the fear of God? Our forefather John Calvin gives helpful advice on how to love God as our Heavenly Father in Christ while dreading to offend Him worse than death. This is the fear of the LORD that is the beginning of wisdom.

Click here to read: PRTS.BS.CH.HOM.902.ThM.John Calvin.Richard Sibbes.Fear of God with Bibliography.Final.Edit.for Dr. Myers.Fall 2016

Affectionately Desirous of Him: The Power of Holy Affections for Holy Love and Holy Living in the Writings of Richard Sibbes, Thomas Brooks, John Owen, and Eminent English Puritans of the 17th Century

The Psalmist says to God, My soul pants after you…“ How can the truth of God’s word by His Holy Spirit move our affections in this way for holy love and holy living in Christ? Let us learn from Richard Sibbes, John Owen and Thomas Brooks how to say with the Psalmist from the heart, There is nothing I desire more than you, O God!”

Click here to read: ThM.PRTS.2015.Affectionately Desirous of edit for Dr. Beeke