An Uncomfortable Christmas Card for Unbelievers Comfortable at Christmas

Dear Family in Christ at KCPC,

Each year at this time, I think about how I would like to remind my unbelieving friends and loved ones of the glorious gospel and hope found in Jesus Christ. Seasons like Christmas give us another great opportunity to make the good news of Jesus known to the whole world, and especially to those closest to us (Don’t forget to invite friends and neighbors to our special Christmas outreach service this Lord’s Day!).

This year I wanted to share a letter I wrote for those friends and loved ones who love me, but who do not love Christ; this is a letter to friends and family who do not believe.

I wanted to share with you an uncomfortable Christmas card for unbelievers comfortable at Christmas.

If you find this letter helpful, and would like to use it yourself in order to send to those whom you love and desire them to know Jesus, I invite you to use it as often as you would like, and to send it to as many as you would like.

Merry Christ,

Pastor Biggs