Prayers for KCPC from the Book of Acts

Memory Verse for 2016

“So the church…had peace and was being built up. And walking in the fear of the Lord and in the comfort of the Holy Spirit, it multiplied” (Acts 9:31)

Gratitude that Jesus is our Exalted King and Mediator (1:2-4; 2:25-36; 3:13,26; 10:38-42): Lord Jesus, thank you that you were “taken up” for your people (1:2), exalted as king (2:33-34), to serve as Mediator, and to empower us by your Holy Spirit. Fill us with your Spirit (4:8,31b; 5:32; 7:55).

Empowered by His Spirit for Obedience: Lord Jesus, we recognize our great need of your Spirit’s empowerment in order to live as your servants in this world. Fill us with your Spirit, and let us be faithful (1:4-5,8; 5:5b,11; 11:23-24).

Power in the Preaching of Word: Lord Jesus, grant power to your Minister of the Word, and to our teachers, and bring transformation and growth in us and in our world (2:42-43; 4:4,20,31b; 5:42; 6:4,7,10; 8:4,25,35; 9:27; 10:44; 11:20-21; 12:24).

Faithful in Prayer: Lord Jesus, let us be faithful to pray daily with great expectancy (2:42; 4:24-31; 10:4,31; 12:12).

Joy: Lord Jesus, fill us with your Spiritual joy! (Luke 24:52-53; 8:8,39; 11:18).

Expectancy of Jesus’s Return: Lord Jesus, help us to be looking for your return (1:11).

Confidence, Boldness and Strong Faith in Tribulation: Lord Jesus, though we suffer, let us be confident, bold and full of faith in the face of tribulations (4:8,13,19-20; 5:29; 6:8a; 7:55).

Unity and Warm Fellowship: Lord Jesus, grant us a deeper understanding of our unity and union with you by your Spirit, and to enjoy warm and close fellowship as your servants (2:42-47; 4:32-33; 11:1,23-24).

Generosity: Lord Jesus, make us generous and recognize our unity as the Body of Christ (2:44-47; 4:32-35; 10:4,31; 11:29).

Growth: Lord Jesus, grant us spiritual and numerical growth this year as a congregation and denomination (2:41,47; 5:14,42; 6:7b; 9:31; 11:1,20-21; 12:24).

Guidance: Lord Jesus, guide us by your perfect will this year (1:24).