Westminster Shorter Catechism: Q24

Question: WSC 24  How doth Christ execute the office of a prophet?

Answer: Christ executeth the office of a prophet, in revealing to us, by his word and Spirit, the will of God for our salvation?

Scripture Memory: ESV John 15:15 No longer do I call you servants, for the servant does not know what his master is doing; but I have called you friends, for all that I have heard from my Father I have made known to you.

An Explanation: We have learned that our Lord Jesus is our Prophet, Priest, and our King. What does it mean for Jesus to be our Holy Prophet from the LORD? How does Christ particularly execute his office as a prophet in both His estate of humiliation (incarnation) and exaltation (enthronement-session at God’s right hand in heaven)? First and foremost, let us rejoice in our God that He has not left us without His Word. Let us remember that if a faithful prophet has been raised up to speak to God’s Beloved church, then it is all because of God’s kind mercies toward us. If God has sent His own Son to speak (and He has!!), how much more should we rejoice, and seek to intently and carefully listen to Him! (cf. Heb. 1:1-3). Jesus is the Blessed Prophet, the Beloved Son of God greater than Moses to whom we must listen (Acts 3:22), especially as it regards the salvation from sin that God has revealed to us! (“This is my Son, my chose One, listen to Him,” Luke 9:35).

Jesus is a prophet in that He was the Perfect Word of God’s salvation revealed and expressed in His incarnation. John can say triumphantly: “The Word became flesh…” (John 1:14). Christ is God’s Truth revealed in flesh, the very “way, truth and life” from God to His people (John 14:6). Jesus came to reveal God’s truth powerfully in His Person and in His teaching and preaching. When Jesus came in the incarnation, he preached that the Kingdom of God was at hand in Himself (Mark 1:14-15). He taught that all of the Old Testament hopes and dreams of God’s salvation were being realized (Luke 4:18ff; 24:24ff; 2 Cor. 1:20). Jesus ultimately reveals the Father and the hope of salvation by grace alone, in Christ alone, received through faith alone, through the power of the Holy Spirit.

And Jesus still speaks to us (Heb. 12:25ff). Jesus has been enthroned on high, at God’s right hand as glorious King of kings, but He still speaks by His Spirit through His written Word and faithful servants, the preachers and teachers of His church (Eph. 4:9-16). Jesus still sows the Word preached into our hearts, and promises to cause His own to bear much fruit! (Mark 4:1ff; John 15:5). He uses His servants to preach the Word (2 Tim. 4:1ff) so that His people might come to Him, and to grow in in grace and mature (2 Pet. 1:3ff). Let us rejoice that although we are spiritual blind and ignorant by nature because of sin, God has caused the light of the Gospel of Christ to shine upon our hearts, and given us new life in Him. Let us meditate upon His Word, and hide it in our hearts that we might not sin against such a Blessed and Beautiful Savior! Amen.

A Prayer: Jesus, give us ears to hear you when you speak. Grant us hearts to love your Word, and to trust you more. Let us hear our Shepherd’s voice through the ministry of the Word and in our hearts.

In Christ’s Love,
Pastor Biggs