Reading the Bible in 2017

Dear Beloved in Jesus,

God has many promises awaiting for us in His Word! Many promises to remind us of his innumerable benefits to us in Christ!

Let us not forget the great benefit we have of God’s Word in English, and the (so!) many resources to help us to grow. Given what we possess as Christians, we should (could?!) be the most sanctified generation–but I’m afraid we are not!

Let poet Michael Card remind us of what we have:

There is a hunger, a longing for bread
And so comes the call for the poor to be fed
More hungry by far are a billion and more
Who wait for the Bread of the Word of the Lord
So many books, so little time, so many hunger, so many blind
Starving for words, they must wait in the night
To open a Bible and move towards the Light

There’ll come a time, the prophets would say
When the joy of mankind will be withered away
A want not for water, but a hunger for more
A famine for hearing the Word of the Lord.

The Word won’t go out, except it return
Full, over flowing and so we must learn…
…To open a Bible and move towards the Light.”

For help in reading the Bible through this year for yourself and/or with family, you may go to and

Both sites are excellent resources to help you to stay inundated, immersed, and saturated in God’s promises. One help is our forefather Robert Murray M’Cheyne’s bible reading plan to help you to read the entire Bible in a year, and ‘Read Scripture‘ is an app and/or Youtube videos to give your family brief, Christ-centered overviews of sections in the Bible (we are truly enjoying this help as a family).

Blessings in Jesus,

Pastor Biggs


P.S. More Michael Card:

P.P.S. (From the Deacons)

Ligonier Ministries also has a free app that has a yearly bible reading program using the ESV.