Thomas Brooks on Humility

We are taught in Scripture “God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble.”- James 4:7

This outstanding quotation from Thomas Brooks will grant us a better understanding of what this means. He commented:

“Humility is both a grace, and a vessel to receive grace from God. There is none that sees so much need of grace as humble souls. There is none prizes grace like humble souls. There is none who improves grace like humble souls. Therefore God singles out the humble soul to fill him to the brim with grace when the proud is sent away empty.”

“Why are the best men the most humble men?”

1) Humble souls are great debtors to God for His grace because they know of their great need of more of Christ.
2) In this life humble souls have only a taste for God more than anything else.
3) Humble souls are in touch with their own sinful hearts and know that their hearts deceive them and so listen and gain wisdom from God and others, while the proud are often self-deceived and foolish.

Love in Christ,

Pastor Charles